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5 11 2009

It’s true… I’m moving my blog to a new site. I’m starting over in a way. I wanted to get a better and fresh new start, but don’t worry the quality of the post will stay as they have always been: awesome and eye-opening!

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Comic Book Weirdness of the Week

31 10 2009

eatinghamburgers running out of plots maybe

Well here we have a… funny cover. I guess the writer was having trouble coming up with new stories and plotlines, eh? I am going to have to keep a eye out for this issue. Guess Superman was one hungry guy… oh jeez I just realized the hundreds of ladies with trays of burgers… Superman wasn’t joking was he… wow… I really want this issue now! ūüôā

Blackest Night#4 REVIEW (More people die in Blackest Night??? noooooo…)

31 10 2009


Blackest Night#4

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis w/ inks by Oclair Albert and Joe Prado

Price: $3.99

Publisher: DC Comics

Were only half way through this mini-series and I’m already asking myself, “How can this get any worse?”. knowing full well that it will get worse. I. Love. This. Mini-series. Geoff Johns really knows how to torture not only the characters in his stories, but his fans as well. This story is way deeper than the average zombie story. The Black Lanterns use their words more than their fists and are verbally beating the crap out of the heroes (and villains). What I specifically loved about this issue was how The Flash, Mera, and The Atom were working their butts off to save everyone. They were doing what not many heroes are doing in comic books nowadays. They were acting like true superheroes and I’m glad there is still someone who still understands what a hero is.¬†Thank you Geoff Johns! You have restored some faith in me that I have lost.

Another thing I appreciate about this book is how fast paced it is. There is almost no slowing down for this story. We’re only halfway through and the power levels for the Black Lanterns has already reached 100%. It can only go downhill from here… As awesome as this story is right now it is also an extremely tough read for me. A lot of my favorite DC heroes are dead and are now black lanterns (i.e. Ronnie Raymond, Sue Dibny, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, etc.) so seeing them as zombies is kind of hurting right now and only increases my wanting for them to return to the living. The toughest part of this issue was seeing the black lantern version of Jean Loring ripping Damage’s heart out… right in front of her husband, Atom and oh man is Flash screwed right now…

It would be remiss of me not to mention Ivan Reis’ artwork. For what he does he does very well. All of the gore scenes are illustrated very well and add to the shock of it. I literally stared at the page of Damage’s death for about 10 seconds in shock and awe. Overall the art is very nicely done and blends in¬†nicely with Johns’ style of writing for this story.¬† So, yeah I really am having a blast reading this story and its always top on my buy-list when it comes out. The wait for the next issue is painful I tell ya!!! So hopefully the story doesn’t lose its awesomeness.

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Rating: B+

Comic Book Weirdness of the Week

24 10 2009


Ummm… I may never go to McDonalds ever again after seeing this picture… Does anyone know what comic book this is from and what issue it is? I’d like to find it. Thanks.

Reasons to Love Comic Books: Awesome Stories

23 10 2009

One thing that I love about comic books is the awesome stories that can be told. As an aspiring comic book writer I always am excited when I come across an awesome story. I have read mostly Marvel my whole life so that is why there are so many Marvel stories on the list. These are some of my favorite comic book stories (in no particular order except for the first five):

-The Master Planner (Amazing Spider-Man#31-33) Reprinted in Marvel Tales#170-172

-Dark Phoenix Saga (Uncanny X-Men#129-137)

-Hobgoblin Saga (Amazing Spider-Man#238-239, 244-245, 249-251)

-The Dark Knight Returns (Batman: Dark Knight Returns#1-4)

-Sasuke Retrieval (Naruto vol. 21-27)

-Batman: Year One (Batman#404-407)

-Demon in a Bottle (Iron Man#120-128)

-The Night Gwen Stacy Died (Amazing Spider-Man#121-122)

-Death of Captain Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man#88-90)

-Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four#48-50)

-Green Goblin Reborn (Amazing Spider-Man#96-98)

-Batman: Death in the Family (Batman#426-429)

-Camelot 3000 (Camelot 3000#1-12)

-Ultimate Clone Saga (Ultimate Spider-Man#97-105)

-The Tomorrow People (Ultimate X-Men#1-6)

-Death of a Goblin (Ultimate Spider-Man#112-117)

-Batman: Hush (Batman#608-619)

-Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil

-World’s Most Wanted (Invincible Iron Man#8-19, current volume)

-Invincible War and Conquest (Invincible#60-65)

That’s all I can think of right now. Well… what’s your favorite comic book stories guys?

Uncanny X-Men#516 REVIEW (Magneto Returns!!! Yeah?… so what?)

16 10 2009

Uncanny X-Men#516

Writer: Matt Fraction

Artist: the second coming of Jack Kirby Greg Land w/ inks by Jay Leisten

Price: $2.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

So here we have the first part of the new storyline called Nation X. Here is the main problem I have with this story:

1). It’s seven parts. Why? Why does Marvel seriously decompress some of their stories? Oh yeah… its because they want your money.

Here are the problems I had with this issue:

1). Little to nothing happens in this issue. You could’ve written what happened in this issue in about 6-7 pages.

2). Greg Land does the art.

3). It didn’t excite me enough to continue with this story.

I understand that Matt Fraction is setting up the story, which he usually does in most of his stories and then he gets things going nice and smooth. But he has always intrigued my interest in what’s going to happen next. Here… not so much. So Magneto comes to the X-Men on Utopia (an island where mutants are being kept safe. Formally Asteroid M, the headquarters of Magneto and his Brotherhood). Cyclops and Professor X argue about what they should do to Magneto for about 3-4 pages. Yawn. Then they decide to hear Mags out and Mags then tells everyone about how he got his powers back and how he was refreshed after the events of House of M which was kind of interesting. Then a big plane calls in to Utopia saying its going to crash so instead of trying to save the falling plane Cyclops tells Nightcrawler to see what’s in it. Nightcrawler then teleports out of the plane after seeing something that apparently frightens him and shouts at Cyclops to shoot the plane down. Then Cyclops orders the X-Men to take their battle stations and then its to be continued…

This issue was a whole lot of meh for me. The art was bad, although it was actually more tolerable than I expected. The story was mediocre and didn’t have a good enough hook. I usually love Fraction’s stories so I gave this a try a didn’t care for it too much. I may stick around for a couple more issues because knowing Fraction’s type of storytelling he will get things moving nicely soon and things will get interesting. It wasn’t really worth $3. I expected more from you Matt Fraction. Maybe its because I expected a lot that caused me to not care for this issue much… maybe.

Rating: C

Alrighty guys and gals I gotta get back to reading Deadpool#900 (I’m only halfway through it and yes I will do a review of it when I’m finished) and kicking butts and taking names on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2! Stick around for a review of Batman#691, Green Lantern Corps#41, + Deadpool#900!!! (hopefully)

Marvel gives Jeph Loeb the reigns to two new Ultimate Marvel books

14 10 2009



So a’ight doods so this mornin’ while I chowin’ down on a donut I checked CBR and ya¬†know what the first thing I saw was? Jeph Loeb is gonna write two new Ultimate Marvel books!!! You mean the second coming of Stan Lee Jeph Loeb??? Dood I loooooooved how he killed¬†some of my fav characters in the most awesomest book of the year Ultimatum. XD XD XD!!! These two books are gonna blow all those crap books like Agents of Atlas, Invincible Iron Man, Detective Comics, etc. outta da ballpark, doods! XD XD XD!!! Jeph did such an awesome on Ultimates 3, Ultimatum, and Hulk! I can’t wait y’all!!!! XD XD XD!!!

Some people critisize Loeb for bad dialouge and for his dialouge not making much sense. Can u guyz believe it?!?!? His dialouge makes perfect sense! When A-Bomb says to Ares, “The god of war? You’re more like the god of whatever!”, come on guyz!!! That makes perfect sense!!! Also when Red¬†Hulk sayz, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had with my pants on!”, is so cool. Plus Frank Cho and Art Adams are gonna be doing the art for these books as well! Awesomeness!!!! XD XD XD!!! Red Hulk is the greatest and most original character ever created in decades doods!!! DECADES!!! Loeb+Cho and Adams= Awesomeness!!! XD XD XD!!! Loeb’s books are totally worth the¬†cheap¬†price¬†of¬†$3.99¬†doods! Everyone should be buying- hey! What are doing here? I’m just talkin’ bout the two new Loeb books that are gonna come out real soon! I didn’t know he could write two books in a months time to save his life. Well you know he never lets us down, right? Um… right. But why are you writing this post? Well I know you’ve been busy with school and with all the stuff you’ve been going through recently so I thought I’d do this post 4 u! But… I didn’t ask you to… But- Wait… you’ve been praising Jeph Loeb!?!? Heck yea dood! He rox!!! Ok that does it. Get outta my brain! But- Go! ……………….. Ok sorry about that guys. That was my fanboy part of my brain. He occasionaly creeps out of me…. my apologies.

I am a huge fan of Frank Cho and Art Adams’ artwork, but because I refuse to buy anything by Loeb I can’t enjoy they’re art. What a shame. Plus the Ultimate Universe is what brought me back into comics. Without it you wouldn’t have this awesome blog! ūüôā To see it be wrecked by Loeb really disheartens me greatly. What happened to the Jeph Loeb that wrote Batman: Hush and Spider-Man: Blue? I haven’t read Batman: The Long Halloween… (prepares for firing squad) I have! When? Just a few weeks ago. No you haven’t. Got any proof? Yeah… I’m you! I haven’t read it. Oh… Yeah… The fact that these books are going to be top sellers makes me sad. Oh well… I don’t want to dwell on this anymore so I’ll just leave it at that.

This has been comic book dude89 (and A to the E!!!!) and I hope you guys stick around for more stuff. Like reviews!!! I promise I’ll do more than one review this week! Take care everybody!