Batman#688 REVIEW

16 07 2009

Batman Reborn continues in Batman#688, written by Judd Winick and drawn by Mark Bagley. The main problem I have with this book is: not much happens. Even though not much happens, Winick keeps what’s happening interesting and fresh. I thought it was interesting and clever how Gotham City noticed that the new Batman, who is now Dick Grayson for those who don’t know, is much different than the other Batman(Bruce Wayne, who is now dead). The Penguin scene where he is talking to the other criminals is a nice scene. The issue consists mostly with talking which gets a little tedious some times in the issue. Good dialouge is seen throughout the whole issue like when Commissioner Gordon and Sergeant Pike are discussing why Batman isn’t showing up when they light the Bat-Signal. Then Dick complains to Alfred about how the costume is annoying him and it goes deeper into the character development of how Dick is getting used to being Batman and that he’s new to the whole deal. More character development occurs when Dick and Damien are training and then Two-Face and his henchman Billy are talking and that scene sets up what’s sure to be an interesting story and plot.

I can’t say enough positive things about Mark Bagley’s art. I love it. I wish he was the regular artist on the Batman book. The art is a treat to look at and it’s just stunning to see. His Batman and Two-Face drawings are absolutely amazing. I can’t say anything more positive about it. If you are a Batman fan I highly reccomend this book.

Rating: B




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16 07 2009
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