Blackest Night#1 REVIEW

16 07 2009


The DC event of the year is finally here! Blackest Night#1 is written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ivan Reis. Well a lot of DC characters have died recently and I mean a LOT! So basically Black Hand is resurrecting the dead and turning them into Black Lanterns. The first half of the book focuses on people mourning the deaths of fallen heroes and some interesting dialouge and descriptions occur. One thing that was kind of annoying me was how much the heroes talked about death. I realize the book is focused on death, but it was getting to the point where I was getting sick of the word death(I had also bought an issue of GL, which I will also be reviewing later on which also talked about death). For me the best part of the book was when Green Lantern and Flash(Barry Allen) were talking. Flash asks Hal who has died while he was gone. Then you see this cool double-splash page of Hal showing Flash projections of the heroes who have died through his ring. Then Flash asks the question on all our minds, “Why?”  More talking occurs which was interesting. Then the Green Lantern Corps founders talk about how they have failed and how the war has already started. Now we get into the second half of the book, which was more exciting than the first half as well as more disappointing than the first half. While all of this happens a huge amount of black lantern rings are coming to Earth and the dead start rising. Then Martian Manhunter comes back and confronts Green Lantern and Flash telling them they both should be dead. Here’s the part which I have problems with. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are talking/arguing. Then all of a sudden Hawkgirl gets stabbed through the chest. An enraged Hawkman tells black lantern Ralph that he’s going to kill him. Hawkgirl’s last moment is telling Hawkman that she loved him. Then they both die and Black Hand resurrects them and gives them black lantern rings.

Here’s the problem I have with the book. The word death is used way too many times and all the senseless killings remind me a little bit of something we call… Ultimatum. Hopefully the senseless killings will stop soon because its starting to get silly and ridiculous. I did enjoy the book though. The art was good. In fact I think it’s Reis’ best work I’ve seen. His Black Lantern drawings were as spooky as hell(although not as good as Mahnke’s)! If your a Green Lantern fan or a die-hard DC fan or someone like me who just got into reading DC’s newer stuff I reccomend this book. Approach it as a dark, spooky, horror story. This is not something I’d give to someone under the age of 12 and under because it gets pretty brutal and spooky towards the end. I can’t wait to see issue#2!

Rating: B




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30 07 2009
Comic Culture Warrior

Great review man. Keep it up.


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