My predictions for the end of Ultimatum

28 07 2009

Well as most of you might know Ultimatum is FINALLY coming to an end. I thought I would make a few predictions about the ending. I think that Peter Parker will die, BUT I think a clone of Spider-Man(the scorpion one) will take his place. Only problem with that is that Marvel already tried that and it didn’t sit very well for most people, so I ask this question… WHY WOULD MARVEL DO THIS AGAIN??? Oh I know why! They just care about your hard-earned money. Haha I turned my prediction post into a Marvel rant! lol   Anyway here’s who I think will die in the final chapter:



-Peter Parker(unfortunately…)

-Valkyrie(There will be hell to pay if that happens)


-Storm(I’m basing that off the fact that waaaaaaaay too many X-men have died)



Well that’s all. I will do a post after I read Ultimatum#5 in my comic store to see if my predictions came true! Stay tuned! Leave a comment about what you think will happen!




One response

30 07 2009
Comic Culture Warrior

Looks like you only got one and a half (Magento and Peter Parker(?)) right. I now want to die myself after reading the last issue. 🙂


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