Ultimate Comics Avengers#1 REVIEW

16 08 2009

Was it good? Well compared to Ultimatum definetely yes. It was a breath of fresh air for me being the fan of Ultimate Marvel I am. Now onto the review:

Ultimate Comics Avengers

Writer: Mark Millar                 Artist: Carlos Pacheco                 Price:$3.99

I was really excited to hear that Millar was coming back to the Ultimate U and in my opinion he did not disappoint. The characters are FINALLY writen the way they were originally supposed to be written. Not to mention we get to see amazing artwork courtesy of Carlos Pacheco. The only problem I have with this issue is that some scenes were really cliched such as Hawkeye jumping after Captain America, who is pushed off a helicopter by Red Skull(we see a scene like that in Star Trek and Get Smart). Another example is the reveal that *Spoiler Alert* Red Skull is apparently Cap’s son(we saw something like that when Sabretooth claimed to be Wolverine’s son in Ultimate X-men). The book was really quick-paced and some very cool action scenes took place.

Overall I thought it was an exciting book and a HUGE breath of fresh air. Red Skull made an awesome first appearance as well. If your a fan of Millar’s Ultimate U stuff check this book out. Don’t give up on the Ultimate U yet… I know I haven’t.

Rating: B




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