My rant and rave(?) on Jeph Loeb

17 08 2009

I’m going to begin this post with a story that happened yesterday. I went to Half-Price Books searching for a copy of The Killing Joke, I didn’t want to spend top dollar for it at Barnes and Nobles. After going to a few Half-Price Books I couldn’t find it. Then I found Batman#608-619 for $12 and my heart stopped because I have seen Batman#608 sell for $8. I knew it was written by Jeph Loeb, and I had read Spider-Man:Blue and enjoyed it, so I knew his older stuff was good. I had also heard his Batman stuff was good so with a flip of a coin, heads I’d get it or tails I wouldn’t, I got heads so I ended up buying them. If you’ve read my Ultimatum#5 review you’ll know that I dislike Loeb’s current work. When I got home I opened up the bages the issues came in and… I read Batman#608 and thought, “Wow! This better than all the issues of Ultimatum combined!” To be continued…

…in the next paragraph! Anyway I kept reading the issues of Batman non-stop! I couldn’t stop reading it! It was so good! My eyes were hurting it was so good! I read all 12 issues almost straight through! It’s amazing and sad that someone can go from writing awesome stories like Spider-Man: Blue and Batman:Hush to writing trash like Hulk and Ultimatum. Hopefully Loeb can straighten the crap writing and turn in something decent for once.




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