Comicbookdude89’s Question#2: What’s your LEAST favorite comic book stories of all-time?

18 08 2009


Man I’m on a blogging spree today! Ok so my second question is: What is your LEAST favorite comic book stories? Stories that are so bad you want to scratch your eyes out? Well…here’s my top 5:

1. One More Day(ASM#544-545, Sensational Spider-Man#44, Friendly Nieghborhood Spider-Man#24)

2. Ultimatum    (Ultimatum#1-5)

3. Think Tank     (Ultimate Fantastic Four#19-20)

4. Clone Saga(the 90s one)            (can’t remember what issues…)

5. The Ultimates 3

I’ve had the fortune and wisdom not to read Battle for the Cowl and Loeb’s Hulk and from what I’ve heard and seen from them is that they could easily make this list. I may edit this further if more bad stories come to mind. Let me know what stories you guys think is a waste of paper, time and money. I look forward to your comments!




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