Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama#1 REVIEW

20 08 2009

Writter: Elliott Serrano           Artist: Ariel Padilla           Price: $3.50

I remember when I promised myself I would never buy a comic book with Obama in it or on the cover. Well…that all changed when I found out that Elliott Serrano, Geek-to-me columnist and one of the guys in the ComicCultureWarrior videos on youtube, was writing it. Now onto the review!

When I first heard of this mini-series I thought, “Army of Darkness and Obama crossover?!? That’s weird.” But then I remembered that sillier stuff has been written before and worked out well. What Elliott has done is smart. He knew that this was a silly crossover so he has made the story silly as well. I’m glad that that has been done because a serious story for a goofy crossover would not have worked out. At all. I know a lot of people hate that Obama is in there comic books, me included, but this book makes fun of how Obama is everywhere. There are a few points in the book that are funny such as the part when Elliott himself and writer Brandon Jerwa make a guest appearance in the book. I also have a question for Elliott: In the page where all the zombies appear after the kid says the magic words that turns everyone into a zombie…is that you getting strangled by a zombie?

The only problem I have with this book is that it is a bit tedious at some points and its also one of the many, many comics that use zombies. I think zombies and other dead…things being brought back from the dead is starting to get a little overused in comics, especially nowadays when you have Blackest Night, Marvel Zombies vol. 1-4, the Ultimate Fantastic Four story where zombie versions of the FF attack the world with terrible Greg Land art, and that upcoming X-Men event where dead mutants are going to be resurrected. You see what I’m saying? Nevertheless, this book is still an enjoyable, fun, amusing, and entertaining book. Oh, I almost forgot about the art. Ariel Padilla’s art is perfect for this book. It’s cartoony but still adds to the effect of the kind of story Ash Saves Obama is. If your a fan of Obama, Army of Darkness, zombies, humor, or all of the above I reccommend this book for you. Good job Elliott and I look forward to the next issue!

Rating: B




One response

20 08 2009
Comic Culture Warrior

I’m glad you enjoyed the book! Things really pick up in issue #2 where Ash has to fight a very unlikely enemy. Looking forward to hearing what you think about that. Thanks for the review!


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