Bargain of the Week#1: Secret Wars#8

20 08 2009

Welcome to the first installment of a brand-new “-of the Week”! In this new weekly post I will talk about I bargain that I found at my local comic shops or at a Half-Price Books. This may not be a weekly thing because I don’t go to a Half-Price Books every week. I do go to a comic shop a lot but usually for comics coming out that week. Anyway the bargain of the week is: Secret Wars#8! For those who don’t know Secret Wars#8 is the story of how Spider-Man got his black costume, so in the Marvel continuity it technically is the first appearance of the Black Suit.

Now at one of the comic book stores I found Secret Wars#8 for…(drumroll)… $5!!!! Usually I see it sell for anywhere from $12 to $40. So that’s why I bought it. It’s in good condition, possibly very good condition. Well that’s all for this week’s Bargain of the Week! Stay tuned for more bargains and more fun posts!




One response

29 08 2009
Comic Culture Warrior

5 bucks, that’s crazy!? Damn, nice find. I don’t even have this issue. Lucky.


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