Batgirl#1 REVIEW

20 08 2009

Writer: Bryan Q. Miller            Artist: Lee Garbett               Price:$2.99

It’s nice to see another female hero having her own comic book. Yeah I know I talk a lot about female comic book characters and sexism in comics, but I think those topics should be talked about more. I am happy by the way Bryan Q. Miller is writing Batgirl AKA Stephanie Brown. It reminds me of how Chris Claremont wrote/writes Kitty Pryde. Bryan writes Batgirl as she should be written: a teenage girl. Now being a teenager myself, I find this character very interesting. I wish the book focused more on Batgirl, although it does focus on her it also focuses on Barbara Gordon a lot as well. You know what would be really cool? I’d like to see Barbara teach Stephanie some techniques so she can be a better Batgirl. THAT would be awesome.

Lee Garbett does some nice artwork in this issue. This is the first encounter with his art that I’ve had and I’m impressed. He draws a very cute Batgirl, heck even a cute Barbara Gordon! I wish they would do more action for this book but I understand they’re trying to set the foundations to get this book moving, but a little more action would be nice. Eventually I’d like to see some main or minor Batman villians appear in this book. I am overall pleased with this book I think its shown some promise and I hope to see some better things for this book!

Rating:B   (I’m rating a lot of comics this….well, that’ll all change once I review ASM#602+603…)




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