Comic Book Industry vs. Female Comic Book Characters

20 08 2009

Yes I know… THIS subject again, but I really think that sexism in comic books needs to stop or decrease by a lot. It scares me because at first I didn’t realize that female characters were being treated badly until the ComicCultureWarrior guys brought up the subject. I was like, “Holy crap! This is happening a lot in comics!” I re-read a lot of my comics and the theme of violence towards women characters or women being subjects became a common theme in the comics I read, more so in recent comics than older comics. If people don’t believe that this is a frequently done theme in comics, well… I’ve got a list:

-Morganna Le Fay getting her head torn off by Sentry (Dark Avengers#2)

-Tigra being beaten by The Hood, and with Jigsaw filming it, AND having a bunch of guy villains watching the film later on (New Avengers#35)

-Dr.Doom calling Ms.Marvel a whore and a fat cow(as you can see in the picture above)   (Mighty Avengers#11)

-Nick Fury shooting a Skrull Lady in the head (Mighty Avengers#12)

-Norman Osborn shooting off the Skrull Queen’s head (Secret Invasion#8)

-Wasp dying for no well explained reason (Secret Invasion#8)

-Jeanne DeWolfe being shot in the back by Punisher (Ultimate Spider-Man Annual#2)

-An angry S.H.E.I.L.D. agent shooting a Skrull Lady in the head (New Avengers#48)

-Sauron nearly incinerating Black Widow II (New Avengers#6)

-Scarlet Witch being shot (The Ultimates 3#1)

-Wasp being eaten by Blob (Ultimatum#2)

-Hawkeye’s wife being murdered (The Ultimates 2#7)

-Hawkeye shooting Black Widow in the head with an arrow (The Ultimates 2#13)

-Bullseye sticking a pen in a lady’s eye (Dark Reign: Hawkeye#1)

-Hammerhead calling Black Cat a slut (Ultimate Spider-Man#81)

-Carnage killing Gwen Stacy (Ultimate Spider-Man#62)

-Tony Stark sleeping with a random woman (Too many… way too many times has that happened…)

-Hulk sleeping with Zarda…yuck (Ultimate Hulk Annual#1)

There are a lot of times that junk like this has happened to a woman character and it makes me sick to see it happen so often. Now you see why I cover this subject so much and why I love female comic book characters when written well. Even in interviews has sexism towards women happened. Here a a quote from the Bendis Tapes:

“…Ms.Marvel’s vagina looks like Tommy Lee Jones…”

And a quote form Brian Michael Bendis’ Twitter:

“…Spider-Woman has better hair, better costume, Frank Cho implants, and a f***ed up origin. Wonder Woman is a walking STD farm!!”

It saddens me to see one of my favorite writers, like Brian Michael Bendis, who have such a bad look toward women comic book characters. Thank God that there are writers like Matt Fraction, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Gail Simone, Dan Slott, Chris Claremont and others who write women characters so well. Well that’s all for now…leave a comment to let me know what you think about the subject! I look forward to your comments! Let’s get a discussion going!




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