Amazing Spider-Man#601-603 REVIEW

21 08 2009

Writer: Mark Waid               Artist: Mario Alberti                 Price: $2.99

Alright so I got ASM#601 and for the most part I enjoyed it. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the part when Peter Parker gets drunk. Isn’t he smarter than that? I didn’t even know it was possible for Peter to get drunk. I expect better from you Mr. Mark Waid…you’ve done better. Alberti does a fine job on the art chores, although I didn’t like how he drew Peter in this issue, but other than that it was good. Ok so first part of Red-Headed Stranger proves to be a strong start. Here’s where it gets a bit ugly…

Rating: B

Writer: Fred Van Lente             Artist: Barry Kitson

First of all why they didn’t let Mark Waid do the rest of the story I don’t know. When I heard the Van Lente was going to be writing some ASM I thought, “Ok he’s a critically aclaimed writer. I’ll give him a chance.” I haven’t read ASM#589, so I had no clue how he wrote my favorite superhero, but now I know: HE. CAN’T. WRITE. SPIDER-MAN. VERY. WELL. Remember this is my opinion of his writing on Spider-Man so keep that in mind while I go on my rant here. First of all this story shouldn’t be 22-pages. It should have been at least five or six:

Page#1: Chameleon’s Plan

Page#2: Spidey fighting those robots

Page#3: Peter getting his new job

Page#4: Chameleon kidnapping Peter

Page#5: MJ meeting up with Peter

Page#6: Chameleon stealing Peter’s identity and “killing him”

You don’t need to spend 3-4 pages on each subject that could’ve been 1 or 2. On the plus side I thought it was kinda cool how Chameleon would listen to a tape of the person he kidnapped so he could mimic their voice. Kitson’s art saved me from going ballistic about this issue. Oh and also wouldn’t Peter be able to break out of the chair Chameleon strapped him into? Who cares if it would give suspision of his secret identity?!? HE”S ABOUT TO DIE!!! He’s broken stronger stuff like steel alloy(see ASM#40). I guess the chair was made out of adamantium… oh plus Chameleon kills Peter Parker, so this is the last issue of ASM, but wait…


….what’s the next issue doing here?            Writer: Fred Van Lente              Artist: Robert Atkins

I suffered enough after reading #602, so could this story get any worse? Here’s a hint: yes. So we start out with some pointless things. Chameleon, who everything thinks is Peter Parker, makes out with Michelle which is the most juvenile thing I’ve seen a comic book villain do in a long time. So this whole issue is just Chameleon ruining Peter’s life and having sexual thoughts about all the women in Peter’s life. Again the art is better the writing. Atkins is one of the best comic book artists out there right now. The big problem I have with Chameleon’s plan (if he even has one) is that it’s so cliched and it’s something a 2nd or 3rd grader could come up with. Oh, plus SURPRISE!!!!! Peter survives being roasted alive! OMG I never saw it coming! I hope Peter gives Chameleon a wedgie or sticks a broom up his butt in the next issue. Now THAT I’ll pay $2.99 for! I hope ASM gets better after this. I hate when my favorite superhero, who is the main reason I got into comics, is given these mediocre stories. But can it get any worse than One More Day?

This review is dedicated to my friend who HATED ASM#602 more than me.

ASM#602-603 Rating: C-




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