Invincible#65 REVIEW

21 08 2009

Writer: Robert Kirkman                        Artist: Ryan Ottley                 Price: $2.99

THIS. SERIES. IS. MIND. BLOWING!!! Seriously if your not reading this book you should definitely check it out. Kirkman’s writing in this book is powerful. There is a scene where the characters are having a funeral for a friend that has died recently and I’ve only been reading Invincible since #60, but I still felt the pain the other characters were feeling. I was even moved to tears a little bit. Kirkman has the amazing ability, that not many writers have right now, that makes you emotionally attached to the characters he’s writing about within a couple of issues. He’s also a writer that likes to get things done and over with. The stories are quick and well-paced, but still have a lot happening, unlike what some other writers do. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a really long story as long as it’s good, entertaining and has me begging for more.

Now for Mr. Ryan Ottley. His art is AMAZING!!! Check out his DeviantArt page if you haven’t already because it’s got some amazing stuff on it. I found the link to the page on the Comic Culture Warrior blog, so check out they’re blog as well. I’ll provide links for both of them at the bottom of the page. Man, I’m really getting off topic in this review… Anyway the book is not the same without Ottley’s praise-worthy art. Which, unfortunatly he will not provide us his art for the next two issues 😦  Anyway this book is what a comic book should be: Awesome and relatable characters, amazing art, and out on time(for the most part). If you are not buying this comic book, BUY IT. Stop reading junk like Hulk Red and Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth(which I have stopped buying! 🙂 and buy this book. It needs your money! This is probably one of the few near-perfect comic books out there right now.

Rating: A

Ryan Ottley’s DeviantArt Page

The Comic Culture Warrior Blog




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