Fantastic Four#570 REVIEW

27 08 2009

Writer: Jonathan Hickman              Artist: Dale Eaglesham                Price: $2.99

After the so-so Millar/Hitch run of FF I was feeling let down. I couldn’t say it was one of my favorite comic books anymore. Well now I can thanks to Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham who have now revived that part of me that went away. When I heard that Hickman was going to take over the writing chores from Millar I felt so happy. Hickman did an excellent job with Dark Reign: Fantastic Four so I was extremely excited to hear that he was going to take the reigns of Marvel’s best super family. It’s nice to see that the FF works as a team and each member has their own special role . Also the Wizard makes an appearance as the villain in this issue which I enjoyed immensly. I would LOVE to see Hickman’s take on the Frightful Four. That would be awesome! I love how Hickman writes the characters of Franklin and Valeria Richards. He writes them as they should be: like little kids. His characterization of not just Val and Franklin, but also of the rest of the FF is quite humorous sometimes.

I liked in the first two pages of the book when Reed is having a memory of his days as a child that there were branches of leaves on the sides of the panels which I thought was definitely something Hickman would do. The issue was very smart. It was definetly written the way a Fantastic Four comic book should be written like. I think this is a good time to thank Jonathan Hickman for putting a lot of dialouge in the book. Not only was a lot of dialouge put in the book, but it was good and clever. I hope Hickman stays on this book for a long time. I can’t end this review without talking about Eaglesham’s art. Overall I thought his pencils were good. They turned out better than I thought they would. Now I know I’m the only guy on the island when it comes to this, but I wish Tyler Kirkham was doing the art. Kirkham did an awesome job providing the art for Ultimate Fantastic Four#50-55, 57-60. Maybe he’ll work on the book later on which I hope happens. I’m not saying that Eaglesham’s art goes unwanted because it was very good and I’m glad he’s on the book. If Hickman’s goal was to clean up the crap Millar did in his run on FF, he’s doing a great job at it.

Rating: A-




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27 08 2009
wade evans

Love that new ‘retro’ logo!

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