Batman and Robin#3 REVIEW

28 08 2009

Writer: Grant Morrison               Artist: Frank Quitely             Price: $2.99             Publisher: DC Comics

Although this is a typical Grant Morrison book, a weird one, it has the elements of a classic comic book. It’s a combination of fun, good story, good art, and Batman. I love the part in the beginning of the book when Batman is driving the guy who’s head is on fire through the streets of Gotham and Commissioner Gordon says, “Who the hell are you?”, and then Batman says, “I’m Batman.” That made me smile. That was one of the many fun things about this issue. Professor Pyg is as spooky and weird as Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch professing love to Katie Holmes. That part where Prof. Pyg is talking and dancing and being weird in front of Robin I was like, WTF is this guy’s problem??? That’s one thing I don’t really care about Batman’s villains is that all of them are loony tunes. Also that face Robin makes at Pyg when Pyg is saying, “Oink, Oinkety Oinkety Oink” was just great and I thought, “You are gonna get your butt handed to you when Robin gets free!” Then later on Robin gets free and says, “You just redefined wrong.” I was like, “Oh this is gonna turn out to be like a Brian Bendis book. It’s gonna change the scene right when it’s about to get interesting.” But it didn’t and Robin grabs the saw-thing from P.Pyg and whacks him and his doll minions with it and I burst out laughing! For a ten-year old Robin kicks a lot of butt!

Then for the next several pages Batman and Robin kick Pyg and his minions tail which is classic comic book fun. Pyg then goes to jail and we find out that if you try to take off the minions masks that their faces come off with it, which I found pretty disgusting. Quietly’s drawing of that didn’t help me ease the sickness of my stomach. Then *SPOILER ALERT* one of the dolls is going to team-up with Red Hood which is going to be really awesome and I can’t wait for the next issue to come out (9/16/09!!!). This is another of DC’s greatest books that are out right now. It’s fun, witty, weird, and just plain old great! One thing I do have a problem with is Grant Morrison’s writing is sometimes vague so sometimes you don’t have a clue what the heck is going on. I do have to say that I’m going to miss Frank Quitely’s art in the next few issues, but hopefully Phillip Tan and Jonathan Glapion can fill his shoes.

Rating: B+

I must be in a good mood right now because I’m rating all these books really high. Well I do avoid really bad comic books… Anyway, next up: Deadpool!!!




One response

4 09 2009

I find Damian annoying but I think that’s one reason why this book works. His “whose neck do I break first?” line cracks me up so much. He’s an endearingly arrogant little guy!

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