Detective Comics#856 REVIEW

28 08 2009

Writer: Greg Rucka                       Artist: J.H. Williams III              Price: $3.99

Now onto a review of one of the best comic books out there. This book is absolutely amazing. With every turn of a page I keep thinking, “Oh. My. God!” The art is absolutely amazing. It’s neat the way the art and paneling change from Batwoman to her secret identity Kate. The way Rucka writes the character of Batwoman is beyond great. He writes her at the same level Matt Fraction is writing Pepper Potts. The only problem I have with the Batwoman character is tht she is a lesbian. The Batwoman character was oringinally created to disprove that Batman was a homosexual, plus I don’t approve of same sex relationships, but I don’t want to get too deeply into that. This comic book is one of the books that makes me proud to be a comic book fan. ‘Nuff said about that.

I know a lot of people complain about the back-up stories being in DC books, but I don’t mind them as long as there good, which the Question back-up story which is also written by Greg Rucka, is quite good. Another example of female comic book characters being written extremely well. Hey, at least the back-up stories are a step up from putting re-printed stuff in the back of the book that nobody really cares for. Anyway if you are not reading and/or buying this book you are missing out on something really awesome. Can my reviews get anymore positive??? Well… stick around and find out!

Rating: A-




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