Deadpool#14 REVIEW

29 08 2009


Writer: Daniel Way                      Artist: Shawn Crystal                  Price: $2.99                    Publisher: Marvel Comics

This book never ceases to amaze me. It is HILARIOUS! From Deadpool bringing a mannequin onto his pirate crew to him using a plunger as a peg-leg. This is a fun book to read. Each issue has you laughing really hard. Dan Way has near-perfect comidic timing. He doesn’t just throw jokes everywhere to try to be funny like Victor Gischler will do in Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth. He’ll start out funny, then get serious and then follow it up with something funny. This is a really fun book. True story: Somebody I knew just died recently and I was feeling really sad and just not in high spirits like I usually am. So I read this issue of Deadpool and I felt better, so if your ever feeling low, read this book.

When I heard that Shawn Crystal was going to do the art I wasn’t sure that he could do the job because I didn’t like his art in Deadpool: Game$ of Death. Well now I have realized that because the story was crap in Deapool: Game$ of Death I didn’t like the art. But when the story is good, like in the regular Deadpool book, the art is much more appreciative. I still like Paco Medina much better, but Crystal still does a fine job on the art chores.

Rating: B

Next up: Dark Avengers!!!




2 responses

29 08 2009
Comic Culture Warrior

This issue was awesome. The whole pirate story was a real hoot. That Jason Pearson cover is also quite amazing. Did you see that issue #15 is supposed to ship next week!? Paco Medina is back doing the art and it looks like the X-Men are going to be in it. Can’t wait.

Good review man.


4 09 2009

Now that Disney just bought Marvel, will we get to see a Deadpool-Jack Sparrow crossover anytime soon?.. That would surely be insane, I’ll be crossing my fingers for that! *LOL*

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