Bargain of the Week#2: Incredible Hulk#159

31 08 2009

I found this at a comic convention where I live about a year and a half ago. It was marked at $10.  I kept staring at it because it was an awesome cover. Plus the artist of the cover, Herb Trimpe, was at the convention as well. The lady who was selling it saw that I was looking at it and then told me that the marked comic books were half off. I immeadiatly took 5 dollars out of my wallet, picked up Incredible Hulk#159, gave the lady my money and said thanks, showed it to my dad (we both looked to make sure it was a Herb Trimpe cover. I think there were people looking at us really weird…), ran over to where Herb Trimpe was, waited in line for about 8-10 minutes, and then got it signed by him. He was really nice about it. I told him it was an awesome cover and he said something like, “Thanks” or “I’m glad you like it.” I’ll post a picture of it down below soon. This is probably in my top ten favorite comic book related memories at a comic convention. My dad is jealous that I have it! ;P


There it is! Bet your jealous now, huh?




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1 09 2009
wade evans

Yes I am!!!!

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