Crap… school starts tomorrow… :(

31 08 2009


Yup… I start school tommorow…. I’m gonna miss being around the computer, blogging away and doing some of the best reviews of comic books you’ll EVER find on the internet… 😦 Well I am looking forward to seeing old friends again. But never fear! I’ll still be here!… I’ll just be more busy, so that means there may be less posts than usual. Some days probably will go without any posts, but I’ll try best!

Coming up: Red Hulk review! Bargain of the Week! And…. that’s about it…

Well I better finish up my summer reading report… I wish reading comic books would count. That would be awesome! And more fun! And it would get more people reading comic books! Not only would it get more people into comic books but it would get more kids into reading them! Why has no one considered this?!?!?!?!?!?




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