Some Quick Reviews

5 09 2009

FINALLY! The weekend is here and I can now do some reviews. These reviews are going to be books that I’ve already reviewed in the past. So first review is:


Writer: Judd Winick       

Artist: Mark Bagley w/ inks by Rob Hunter    

Price: $2.99     

Publisher: DC Comics

Judd Winick has totally got me into the character of Dick Grayson. At first I didn’t care for Dick Grayson that much but thanks to all the Batman: Reborn books I now do, especially Winick’s portrayal of the character. I’m happy to see some old-school Batman villains back into the book. Seeing Two-Face, Clayface, and Penguin and not some lame new villain makes me happy. Especially when they’re drawn by Mark Bagley. I love how the fighting was written and drawn. As Batman was fighting he would always be a step ahead of his opponents and he wasn’t reckless at all. I thought that was really well written. I’m interested to see what happens next. Bagley’s art is so nice to look at. It’s solid and really realistic looking and not at all cartoony. This book is a treat to read and to look at. It’s unfortunate that Winick and Bagley are going to be replaced come issue #692.

Rating: B+

Next review is….


Writer: Daniel Way

Artist: Paco Medina w/ inks by Juan Vlasco

Price: $2.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I’ve already done a review on last week’s issue so I’m not gonna beat this one to death. This issue starts off a little slow. It’s not as funny as one would hope, but it digs deep into the character of Deadpool. One thing about the cover is I wish the actually copy had the classified thing on it instead of a weird looking Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Namor on it, but oh well. Three issues of the main Deadpool book in a month’s time! Wow! I wish they’d do that all the time! Halfway through it gets quite funny as Deadpool hallucinates about being on a boat surrounded by all these Marvel characters who are dressed as sailors. Deadpool sees Captain America and says, “Hey, you can’t be… Ed killed that guy!” I just burst out laughing right there.

Another part is when Deadpool is imagining he is talking to a dead shark and he mentions he has lots of friends and we see pictures of him about to hurt all his friends. This book is a heart-warmer. It really does wonders to lighten the spirit. Not reccomended for the young kids, though… hence the Parental Advisory warning on it. Medina’s art shines in this book as well. Nice to have you back Paco! This is a fun book and I can’t imagine it without Daniel Way on writing chores since he really is the only writer right now who has proven that he can write the character really well. I would like to see Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness come back and do a Deadpool story though… that would be awesome.

Rating: B




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