My thoughts on Battle for the Cowl

14 09 2009

I know this story has been out for a while, but I went against my promise never to buy this story until I found all three issues in some bargain bins, so I bought them. So without further ado here is my thoughts about Battle for the Cowl:

-It wasn’t very good.

-It totally ruined my love of Jason Todd. Yes the Jason Todd I cried over because he died Batman: Death in the Family. I was so upset I kinda caused a minor disturbance at a Perkins my family was eating at (Keep in mind that I was young when I read Death in the Family)

-A lot of villains blew stuff up and/or killed people for little to no explanation.

-At first Nightwing is like, “I don’t wanna be Batman!” and then at the end he randomly wants to be Batman and becomes Batman for no explored reason (Thank God Judd Winich is exploring the why part right now).

-Um… only 33 people died during that story? So you’re telling me that about half of Gotham City was blown to pieces and only 33 people died. Plus a lot of people got shot as well…

-I like how you have Nightwing, Tim Drake, Manhunter, Batwoman, Huntress, Black Canary, Damian, Squire, and apparently Nite Owl (from Watchmen) is in Gotham because there is a guy who is drawn like him in issue#3, and they can’t control Gotham. But if Batman was alive and only he was taking control of the situation everthing would be just find. Plus wouldn’t other heroes from the DCU be able to help out??? They can’t be that busy fighting all of the crises that are Final and Infinite.

-I couldn’t tell what the heck was going on half the time.

-Tony Daniels art didn’t help with the above statement.

-In fact Daniel’s art was reeeeally inconsistant. I liked his close-up face shots, body shots and his Batman drawings but the rest of it was all bleh.

-Catwoman also randomly appears a couple times as well. I think Tony Daniel has a crush on her…

-Jane Doe carves someone’s face off… eew…

-Um… is anyone still reading this?

-Nightwing says that Bruce Wayne misunderstood the phychological effect Batman had on Gotham City. *sigh* Note to Tony Daniel: BATMAN IS THE PHYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT ON GOTHAM CITY! CONGRATS ON THROWING ALMOST 70 YEARS OF CONTINUITY OUT THE WINDOW! GREAT JOB! Ok I’m calm now…. maybe…

-Final thought: Battle for the Cowl does not instill any excitment in me for Tony Daniel’s 6-issue run on Batman.

Ok that’s my thoughts on Battle for the Cowl. I hope you enjoyed it.

Next Up: My thoughts on Hulk Red, Character of the Week, Story of the Week, and… other stuff that comes to my mind. Stay tuned or die! I’m kidding about the dying part. I’m nicer than that.




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