Ultimate Comics Avengers#2 REVIEW

14 09 2009

Wow… has it really been a little over a week since I posted something??? I apologize but school and laziness have been kicking my @$$ lately so please forgive me.  But now since I have some time and have finished my homework I will do a couple of reviews and do a Character of the Week and some other random posts as well. Ok, first review is:

Ultimate Comics Avengers#2

Writer: Mark Millar

Artist: Carlos Pacheco w/ inks by Danny Miki

Price: $3.99 (Real Cheap!)

Publisher: Marvel Comics

After the first issue I was impressed by the quality of the book, even though there were some flaws in it. I decided to pick up the next issue and give it a try. After reading this I’m gonna come out and say this: The quality of this book is starting to slip fast. Again it’s a fast paced book and not a lot of dialouge and plenty of splash pages and 3 or 4 panel pages… The art Carlos Pacheco does is nice to look at. However Millar’s writing is starting to make me lose interest in this book. When I have talked to people about current favorite writers I say Mark Millar is one of them and people say, “Really? Why?”, and I reply, “I am a fan of his older stuff such as Ultimate X-Men and Ultimates volumes 1 and 2. People then understand and agree with me. By the way I’ve heard Superman: Red Sun and Wanted are really good and I’m interested in reading them. So I have a question for those of you out there who have read one or both of those stories: Are they worth checking out? Are they good? Because I’m interested in reading them.

Okey-Day time to get back on track. Right now I believe that Millar is one of the more inconsistant writers right now in the industry. I didn’t care for his run on Fantastic Four at all and I haven’t checked out Old Man Logan and I have little desire to read it… Man I wish he could come back to writing the high quality work he did on The Ultimates and UXM. I do think he’s gotten a little better, hence my current liking of Ultimate Avengers, but I don’t know… I felt this issue wasn’t quite up to par with the first issue. The dialouge wasn’t as great and Millar is capable of creating some pretty awesome one-liners and dialouge (check out the first two volumes of The Ultimates if you don’t believe me). The writing I also felt was a bit cliqued like last issue’s was and I can tell he’s thinking of revealing Red Skull, who is apparently Cap’s son, to be a Nazi because that would be the ULTIMATE (see what I just did there?) plot twist for Captain America. Ok, I’m just gonna throw that out there: I think later on Millar is going to reveal Red Skull to be a Nazi.

There are also a lot of questions that need to be answered like: How is Red Skull still in great shape? (hey he was born in the forties) Also the question: Why is Red Skull doing what he’s doing? What motivations does he have? But I’m sure these questions will be answered in the next four parts of this story (hopefully plus I kinda have my doubts but I hope Millar proves me wrong). Also Millar throws another “surprise ending” at you during the end of the book: Tony Stark has an older brother, which should come to no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the Marvel Solicits and to interviews and articles. I’m glad that Millar is writing the Ultimate Universe differently than the Marvel U because that’s what the Ultimate U was intended to be, so its reassuring that Millar still has that firm understanding of the Ultimate U unlike some writers *cough* jephloeb.

As of now I still haven’t decided if I want to stay with this book or not. I mean $3.99 is a hefty price to pay for an inconsistant book, but we’ll see. Guess I’ll have to stick around for the next issue. Oh I just thought of another question that needs a good answer: Why has Captain America gone rogue? They just sorta threw that idea out there with no logical explaination… oh well.

Rating: C+

Coming Up:

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-Character of the Week

-A review of Hulk Red and Battle for the Cowl (I read it even though I said I wouldn’t…)

-And more!!!!

Wow this was my longest review! …… is anyone still reading this???




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