Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#2 REVIEW

14 09 2009

I know this has been out for a couple of weeks, but I still wanted to review it, so here we go:

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David LaFuente

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Alright here we go, this is the second issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. I know I didn’t get a chance to review the first issue, but in short: I liked it… a lot. Ok, its the second issue and I was expecting a lot out of this. But, just like the second issue of Ultimate Comics Avengers it let me down. It was still a nice issue, but it just wasn’t as good as I expected. First of all David LaFuente’s art is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this book. At first when I heard he was taking over the art chores for this book I wasn’t really excited because I didn’t really care for it in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual#3, but after seeing this issue and last issue’s art and after reading an interview with David online I thought, “He’s perfect for this book.” In the interview I read on the internet (man I really get off topic fast in my reviews… lol:) it seemed that David was really confident about doing this, plus his attitude about it was just astounding and it gave me confidence in him to do a great job with the book and he does a very fine job with this book. What’s so nice about his style of art is that he draws Peter, MJ, Gwen, Kitty Pryde and the whole gang like they’re supposed to be drawn: Like teenagers. As much as I LOVED Mark Bagley’s run on USM he didn’t really draw the gang like teenagers. LaFuente has also shown us that he can draw some pretty cute looking girls (his Kittly Pryde drawings are my favorite… just saying).

The problem I have with this book is the writing. Brain Michael Bendis has shown me hundreds of times that he is capable of being an excellent writer. He’s also shown me that he can be a bad writer sometimes. With this issue I feel his writing is in between good and bad, so in other words I felt that the writing was ok. Um… I HATE the fact that Peter is dating Gwen right now. I am a huge fan of the Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson relationship, so that was a big dislike/irritation for me in this issue. Also why did he break up with MJ? Why? Did I miss something? I shouldn’t have because I’m a Ultimate Marvel zombie. Is it every going to be explained? My guess: probably not, but we’ll see. I just can’t stand the fact that Peter and Gwen are dating. Normally I’d be ok with that but when you just randomly put them together for no explained reason (as far as I know) I won’t be ok with it. I do love Gwen Stacy. I love the character (especially when Frank Cho draws her 🙂  But her relationship with Peter right now is just not sitting well with me, but we’ll see if that changes.

Also this issue introduces a new villain (well technically two, but…) called The Bombshells who are a mother and her daughter who have the power to, uh, well blast things as long as they’re close by each other. Oh also the daughter swears a lot, like someone from Powers except the swearing is censored. Hmmm Bendis making women characters villains and making them look bad… where oh where have we seen that before??? I wonder… I don’t know this whole issue was kind of a bummer since the first issue was so good. Plus the Kingpin is dead. Death in the Ultimate U… what a totally original idea! I’m sorry for those who love Bendis right now if you are feeling offended. Hey, I love Bendis’ writing too, but recently he’s been kinda letting me down. I love Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers (I want to read Jinx so bad). In fact Ultimate Spider-Man is what brought me back into reading and collecting comic books, so that’s why I’m having a big deal/rant right now about this issue. Hey, I gotta keep my reviews interesting y’know, I can’t be positive everytime!

It saddens me to see that the comic book that got me back into the comic book genre is being done at a level that isn’t at all near what Bendis is capable of writing. I pray and hope that it gets better from here on out. *sigh*…. The Ultimate Universe was for a long time my favorite comic books and… I don’t think I can say that as much anymore:(

If this rant on Bendis makes it on the Bendis Boards someone please tell me! That’d be kinda cool. Oh well… again this is in the same situation I’m having with Ultimate Comics Avengers, which is that the quality is starting to dip fast. I probably will stick around for the next issue but if things continue to be at the quality that they are now I won’t be around for the Ultimate U much longer. Huh, now this is my longest review/post. I’m interested to see how long my next post will be!

Rating: C+




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