Amazing Spider-Man#608 REVIEW (Am I going to stay with this series or not?)

9 10 2009

Amazing Spider-Man#608

Written by: Marc Guggenheim

Art by: Marco Checchetto, Luke Ross, and Rick Magyar

Price: $2.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

(Sweet) Cover by: Adi Granov

So in this issue we have- woah woah woah! Hold the phone! This issue doesn’t focus at all on Peter Parker’s love life!?! Am I reading the same book??? Special thank you to Marc Guggenheim: Thanx for not focusing on PP’s love life. It was getting really old. Like that one and a half year old cracker that I ate a couple weeks ago. If anyone knows Marc show this to him. Thanks. Anyway, after the last issue and disliking it because of the first three pages I decided I was going to let this issue be the deciding issue on whether or not I would keep reading this series for a while. I’ll tell you my answer at the end of the post… even though you’ll probably figure out my answer halfway through…

I was really worried when I heard Marc Guggenheim was going to be writing this because I’ve liked some of his ASM stuff and I’ve disliked some of his ASM stuff. I was even more worried when I found out that the story was going to be focused on one of the most hated comic book stories ever. The Clone Saga from the 90s. But… Guggenheim pulls it off… just barely. The issue is entertaining most of the time and boring some of the time. I didn’t care for the Ben Reilly and Doctor Ryder talk scenes. It nearly put me to sleep. I really thought it was cool when Nora asks PP if he knows who the guy, who is calling him Ben Reilly, is. Then PP explains the truth basically revealing that his is everyone’s favorite web-head. I was like, “WHAT THE F???” But then it reveals that was a scenario going through PP’s mind and it never actually happened. This should come as a surprise to no one who read the Amazing Spider-Man sketchbook, that came out a couple weeks ago, that Kaine is back. Overall the story is good, but nothing perfect.

The art is really good. Checchetto gives PP a funky hair-style that is… kinda weird. I had high expectations for the art team and as I guessed Checchetto and Luke Ross didn’t disappoint. So my answer to am I still going to stay with this series is… (un-needed drumroll)… yes. But just barely. I hope that this series gets better. I have a feeling it will. I mean c’mon! Mark Waid is writing The Gauntlet storyline!!! How can it be bad??? We’ll see…

Rating: B-




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