My experiences at Fallcon 09

11 10 2009

Whattup guys and gals? Yesterday I went to the Fallcon and here are my experiences in a nutshell:

-Met Gerry Conway and Doug Mahnke. Pictures of autograped books will be up soon.

-Bought Camelot 3000#1-7, 9-12 for .50 cents each and #8 for $1.

-Laughed when my friend bumped into a Clone Trooper.

-Finished my collection of Final Crisis and Infinite Crisis (the main mini-series)

-Got a Flash: Rebirth, Batman and Robin, and a Blackest Night poster. I’m putting them up as we… uh, type.

-Talked to a vendor about variant covers. We both agreed that variants are a waste of money, time, and space.

-My name was drawn for a free prize so I got a free variant cover of Dark Reign: The List- X-men. Hey, c’mon… it was free.

-Bought a whole bunch of stuff. The pile is enormous. Thank God I have two days of school this week! 😛

-Bought Hulk#13 for a dollar. It was barely worth it. I read the cartoon in the back as well and I now have  new favorite quote, “Green Hulk want dog.”

-A guy commented on me buying a few issues of Agents of Atlas. I couldn’t hear/remember what he said, but he had a look of shock/disbelief on his face.

-Saw a grown man buy issues of Loeb’s Hulk. He did have his son right next to him. Maybe he was buying them for him???

-Got a free copy of Batman and Robin#1 and Detective Comics#854. So did my friend. So did my dad. So did everybody else that came to the convention.

-Saw Freddie Kruger and Princess Leia talking to each other. On a date maybe?

-Saw a lot of kids there. That always makes me happy.

-The building where the convention was held was toasty warm, while it was freezing cold outside (it had snowed the night before).

-Went to a Half-Price Books afterwards and bought Batman#429 (Part 4 of Batman: Death in the Family) for a dollar and the trade paperback of Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl for $3.

-I’m running out of things to say… 😦

Well I gotta get back to reading comic books and… homework… pictures of books I got autographed will be up in a day or two. If I think of other things that happened I will not hesitate to update this post!

Stay cool and take care everybody!




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