Marvel gives Jeph Loeb the reigns to two new Ultimate Marvel books

14 10 2009



So a’ight doods so this mornin’ while I chowin’ down on a donut I checked CBR and ya know what the first thing I saw was? Jeph Loeb is gonna write two new Ultimate Marvel books!!! You mean the second coming of Stan Lee Jeph Loeb??? Dood I loooooooved how he killed some of my fav characters in the most awesomest book of the year Ultimatum. XD XD XD!!! These two books are gonna blow all those crap books like Agents of Atlas, Invincible Iron Man, Detective Comics, etc. outta da ballpark, doods! XD XD XD!!! Jeph did such an awesome on Ultimates 3, Ultimatum, and Hulk! I can’t wait y’all!!!! XD XD XD!!!

Some people critisize Loeb for bad dialouge and for his dialouge not making much sense. Can u guyz believe it?!?!? His dialouge makes perfect sense! When A-Bomb says to Ares, “The god of war? You’re more like the god of whatever!”, come on guyz!!! That makes perfect sense!!! Also when Red Hulk sayz, “This is the most fun I’ve ever had with my pants on!”, is so cool. Plus Frank Cho and Art Adams are gonna be doing the art for these books as well! Awesomeness!!!! XD XD XD!!! Red Hulk is the greatest and most original character ever created in decades doods!!! DECADES!!! Loeb+Cho and Adams= Awesomeness!!! XD XD XD!!! Loeb’s books are totally worth the cheap price of $3.99 doods! Everyone should be buying- hey! What are doing here? I’m just talkin’ bout the two new Loeb books that are gonna come out real soon! I didn’t know he could write two books in a months time to save his life. Well you know he never lets us down, right? Um… right. But why are you writing this post? Well I know you’ve been busy with school and with all the stuff you’ve been going through recently so I thought I’d do this post 4 u! But… I didn’t ask you to… But- Wait… you’ve been praising Jeph Loeb!?!? Heck yea dood! He rox!!! Ok that does it. Get outta my brain! But- Go! ……………….. Ok sorry about that guys. That was my fanboy part of my brain. He occasionaly creeps out of me…. my apologies.

I am a huge fan of Frank Cho and Art Adams’ artwork, but because I refuse to buy anything by Loeb I can’t enjoy they’re art. What a shame. Plus the Ultimate Universe is what brought me back into comics. Without it you wouldn’t have this awesome blog! 🙂 To see it be wrecked by Loeb really disheartens me greatly. What happened to the Jeph Loeb that wrote Batman: Hush and Spider-Man: Blue? I haven’t read Batman: The Long Halloween… (prepares for firing squad) I have! When? Just a few weeks ago. No you haven’t. Got any proof? Yeah… I’m you! I haven’t read it. Oh… Yeah… The fact that these books are going to be top sellers makes me sad. Oh well… I don’t want to dwell on this anymore so I’ll just leave it at that.

This has been comic book dude89 (and A to the E!!!!) and I hope you guys stick around for more stuff. Like reviews!!! I promise I’ll do more than one review this week! Take care everybody!


My thoughts on Battle for the Cowl

14 09 2009

I know this story has been out for a while, but I went against my promise never to buy this story until I found all three issues in some bargain bins, so I bought them. So without further ado here is my thoughts about Battle for the Cowl:

-It wasn’t very good.

-It totally ruined my love of Jason Todd. Yes the Jason Todd I cried over because he died Batman: Death in the Family. I was so upset I kinda caused a minor disturbance at a Perkins my family was eating at (Keep in mind that I was young when I read Death in the Family)

-A lot of villains blew stuff up and/or killed people for little to no explanation.

-At first Nightwing is like, “I don’t wanna be Batman!” and then at the end he randomly wants to be Batman and becomes Batman for no explored reason (Thank God Judd Winich is exploring the why part right now).

-Um… only 33 people died during that story? So you’re telling me that about half of Gotham City was blown to pieces and only 33 people died. Plus a lot of people got shot as well…

-I like how you have Nightwing, Tim Drake, Manhunter, Batwoman, Huntress, Black Canary, Damian, Squire, and apparently Nite Owl (from Watchmen) is in Gotham because there is a guy who is drawn like him in issue#3, and they can’t control Gotham. But if Batman was alive and only he was taking control of the situation everthing would be just find. Plus wouldn’t other heroes from the DCU be able to help out??? They can’t be that busy fighting all of the crises that are Final and Infinite.

-I couldn’t tell what the heck was going on half the time.

-Tony Daniels art didn’t help with the above statement.

-In fact Daniel’s art was reeeeally inconsistant. I liked his close-up face shots, body shots and his Batman drawings but the rest of it was all bleh.

-Catwoman also randomly appears a couple times as well. I think Tony Daniel has a crush on her…

-Jane Doe carves someone’s face off… eew…

-Um… is anyone still reading this?

-Nightwing says that Bruce Wayne misunderstood the phychological effect Batman had on Gotham City. *sigh* Note to Tony Daniel: BATMAN IS THE PHYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT ON GOTHAM CITY! CONGRATS ON THROWING ALMOST 70 YEARS OF CONTINUITY OUT THE WINDOW! GREAT JOB! Ok I’m calm now…. maybe…

-Final thought: Battle for the Cowl does not instill any excitment in me for Tony Daniel’s 6-issue run on Batman.

Ok that’s my thoughts on Battle for the Cowl. I hope you enjoyed it.

Next Up: My thoughts on Hulk Red, Character of the Week, Story of the Week, and… other stuff that comes to my mind. Stay tuned or die! I’m kidding about the dying part. I’m nicer than that.

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#2 REVIEW

14 09 2009

I know this has been out for a couple of weeks, but I still wanted to review it, so here we go:

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#2

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David LaFuente

Price: $3.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Alright here we go, this is the second issue of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. I know I didn’t get a chance to review the first issue, but in short: I liked it… a lot. Ok, its the second issue and I was expecting a lot out of this. But, just like the second issue of Ultimate Comics Avengers it let me down. It was still a nice issue, but it just wasn’t as good as I expected. First of all David LaFuente’s art is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for this book. At first when I heard he was taking over the art chores for this book I wasn’t really excited because I didn’t really care for it in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual#3, but after seeing this issue and last issue’s art and after reading an interview with David online I thought, “He’s perfect for this book.” In the interview I read on the internet (man I really get off topic fast in my reviews… lol:) it seemed that David was really confident about doing this, plus his attitude about it was just astounding and it gave me confidence in him to do a great job with the book and he does a very fine job with this book. What’s so nice about his style of art is that he draws Peter, MJ, Gwen, Kitty Pryde and the whole gang like they’re supposed to be drawn: Like teenagers. As much as I LOVED Mark Bagley’s run on USM he didn’t really draw the gang like teenagers. LaFuente has also shown us that he can draw some pretty cute looking girls (his Kittly Pryde drawings are my favorite… just saying).

The problem I have with this book is the writing. Brain Michael Bendis has shown me hundreds of times that he is capable of being an excellent writer. He’s also shown me that he can be a bad writer sometimes. With this issue I feel his writing is in between good and bad, so in other words I felt that the writing was ok. Um… I HATE the fact that Peter is dating Gwen right now. I am a huge fan of the Peter Parker/Mary Jane Watson relationship, so that was a big dislike/irritation for me in this issue. Also why did he break up with MJ? Why? Did I miss something? I shouldn’t have because I’m a Ultimate Marvel zombie. Is it every going to be explained? My guess: probably not, but we’ll see. I just can’t stand the fact that Peter and Gwen are dating. Normally I’d be ok with that but when you just randomly put them together for no explained reason (as far as I know) I won’t be ok with it. I do love Gwen Stacy. I love the character (especially when Frank Cho draws her 🙂  But her relationship with Peter right now is just not sitting well with me, but we’ll see if that changes.

Also this issue introduces a new villain (well technically two, but…) called The Bombshells who are a mother and her daughter who have the power to, uh, well blast things as long as they’re close by each other. Oh also the daughter swears a lot, like someone from Powers except the swearing is censored. Hmmm Bendis making women characters villains and making them look bad… where oh where have we seen that before??? I wonder… I don’t know this whole issue was kind of a bummer since the first issue was so good. Plus the Kingpin is dead. Death in the Ultimate U… what a totally original idea! I’m sorry for those who love Bendis right now if you are feeling offended. Hey, I love Bendis’ writing too, but recently he’s been kinda letting me down. I love Ultimate Spider-Man and Powers (I want to read Jinx so bad). In fact Ultimate Spider-Man is what brought me back into reading and collecting comic books, so that’s why I’m having a big deal/rant right now about this issue. Hey, I gotta keep my reviews interesting y’know, I can’t be positive everytime!

It saddens me to see that the comic book that got me back into the comic book genre is being done at a level that isn’t at all near what Bendis is capable of writing. I pray and hope that it gets better from here on out. *sigh*…. The Ultimate Universe was for a long time my favorite comic books and… I don’t think I can say that as much anymore:(

If this rant on Bendis makes it on the Bendis Boards someone please tell me! That’d be kinda cool. Oh well… again this is in the same situation I’m having with Ultimate Comics Avengers, which is that the quality is starting to dip fast. I probably will stick around for the next issue but if things continue to be at the quality that they are now I won’t be around for the Ultimate U much longer. Huh, now this is my longest review/post. I’m interested to see how long my next post will be!

Rating: C+

Amazing Spider-Man#601-603 REVIEW

21 08 2009

Writer: Mark Waid               Artist: Mario Alberti                 Price: $2.99

Alright so I got ASM#601 and for the most part I enjoyed it. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the part when Peter Parker gets drunk. Isn’t he smarter than that? I didn’t even know it was possible for Peter to get drunk. I expect better from you Mr. Mark Waid…you’ve done better. Alberti does a fine job on the art chores, although I didn’t like how he drew Peter in this issue, but other than that it was good. Ok so first part of Red-Headed Stranger proves to be a strong start. Here’s where it gets a bit ugly…

Rating: B

Writer: Fred Van Lente             Artist: Barry Kitson

First of all why they didn’t let Mark Waid do the rest of the story I don’t know. When I heard the Van Lente was going to be writing some ASM I thought, “Ok he’s a critically aclaimed writer. I’ll give him a chance.” I haven’t read ASM#589, so I had no clue how he wrote my favorite superhero, but now I know: HE. CAN’T. WRITE. SPIDER-MAN. VERY. WELL. Remember this is my opinion of his writing on Spider-Man so keep that in mind while I go on my rant here. First of all this story shouldn’t be 22-pages. It should have been at least five or six:

Page#1: Chameleon’s Plan

Page#2: Spidey fighting those robots

Page#3: Peter getting his new job

Page#4: Chameleon kidnapping Peter

Page#5: MJ meeting up with Peter

Page#6: Chameleon stealing Peter’s identity and “killing him”

You don’t need to spend 3-4 pages on each subject that could’ve been 1 or 2. On the plus side I thought it was kinda cool how Chameleon would listen to a tape of the person he kidnapped so he could mimic their voice. Kitson’s art saved me from going ballistic about this issue. Oh and also wouldn’t Peter be able to break out of the chair Chameleon strapped him into? Who cares if it would give suspision of his secret identity?!? HE”S ABOUT TO DIE!!! He’s broken stronger stuff like steel alloy(see ASM#40). I guess the chair was made out of adamantium… oh plus Chameleon kills Peter Parker, so this is the last issue of ASM, but wait…


….what’s the next issue doing here?            Writer: Fred Van Lente              Artist: Robert Atkins

I suffered enough after reading #602, so could this story get any worse? Here’s a hint: yes. So we start out with some pointless things. Chameleon, who everything thinks is Peter Parker, makes out with Michelle which is the most juvenile thing I’ve seen a comic book villain do in a long time. So this whole issue is just Chameleon ruining Peter’s life and having sexual thoughts about all the women in Peter’s life. Again the art is better the writing. Atkins is one of the best comic book artists out there right now. The big problem I have with Chameleon’s plan (if he even has one) is that it’s so cliched and it’s something a 2nd or 3rd grader could come up with. Oh, plus SURPRISE!!!!! Peter survives being roasted alive! OMG I never saw it coming! I hope Peter gives Chameleon a wedgie or sticks a broom up his butt in the next issue. Now THAT I’ll pay $2.99 for! I hope ASM gets better after this. I hate when my favorite superhero, who is the main reason I got into comics, is given these mediocre stories. But can it get any worse than One More Day?

This review is dedicated to my friend who HATED ASM#602 more than me.

ASM#602-603 Rating: C-

Comic Book Industry vs. Female Comic Book Characters

20 08 2009

Yes I know… THIS subject again, but I really think that sexism in comic books needs to stop or decrease by a lot. It scares me because at first I didn’t realize that female characters were being treated badly until the ComicCultureWarrior guys brought up the subject. I was like, “Holy crap! This is happening a lot in comics!” I re-read a lot of my comics and the theme of violence towards women characters or women being subjects became a common theme in the comics I read, more so in recent comics than older comics. If people don’t believe that this is a frequently done theme in comics, well… I’ve got a list:

-Morganna Le Fay getting her head torn off by Sentry (Dark Avengers#2)

-Tigra being beaten by The Hood, and with Jigsaw filming it, AND having a bunch of guy villains watching the film later on (New Avengers#35)

-Dr.Doom calling Ms.Marvel a whore and a fat cow(as you can see in the picture above)   (Mighty Avengers#11)

-Nick Fury shooting a Skrull Lady in the head (Mighty Avengers#12)

-Norman Osborn shooting off the Skrull Queen’s head (Secret Invasion#8)

-Wasp dying for no well explained reason (Secret Invasion#8)

-Jeanne DeWolfe being shot in the back by Punisher (Ultimate Spider-Man Annual#2)

-An angry S.H.E.I.L.D. agent shooting a Skrull Lady in the head (New Avengers#48)

-Sauron nearly incinerating Black Widow II (New Avengers#6)

-Scarlet Witch being shot (The Ultimates 3#1)

-Wasp being eaten by Blob (Ultimatum#2)

-Hawkeye’s wife being murdered (The Ultimates 2#7)

-Hawkeye shooting Black Widow in the head with an arrow (The Ultimates 2#13)

-Bullseye sticking a pen in a lady’s eye (Dark Reign: Hawkeye#1)

-Hammerhead calling Black Cat a slut (Ultimate Spider-Man#81)

-Carnage killing Gwen Stacy (Ultimate Spider-Man#62)

-Tony Stark sleeping with a random woman (Too many… way too many times has that happened…)

-Hulk sleeping with Zarda…yuck (Ultimate Hulk Annual#1)

There are a lot of times that junk like this has happened to a woman character and it makes me sick to see it happen so often. Now you see why I cover this subject so much and why I love female comic book characters when written well. Even in interviews has sexism towards women happened. Here a a quote from the Bendis Tapes:

“…Ms.Marvel’s vagina looks like Tommy Lee Jones…”

And a quote form Brian Michael Bendis’ Twitter:

“…Spider-Woman has better hair, better costume, Frank Cho implants, and a f***ed up origin. Wonder Woman is a walking STD farm!!”

It saddens me to see one of my favorite writers, like Brian Michael Bendis, who have such a bad look toward women comic book characters. Thank God that there are writers like Matt Fraction, Greg Rucka, Grant Morrison, Gail Simone, Dan Slott, Chris Claremont and others who write women characters so well. Well that’s all for now…leave a comment to let me know what you think about the subject! I look forward to your comments! Let’s get a discussion going!