Comicbookdude89 is moving to a new website

5 11 2009

It’s true… I’m moving my blog to a new site. I’m starting over in a way. I wanted to get a better and fresh new start, but don’t worry the quality of the post will stay as they have always been: awesome and eye-opening!

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Reasons to Love Comic Books: Awesome Stories

23 10 2009

One thing that I love about comic books is the awesome stories that can be told. As an aspiring comic book writer I always am excited when I come across an awesome story. I have read mostly Marvel my whole life so that is why there are so many Marvel stories on the list. These are some of my favorite comic book stories (in no particular order except for the first five):

-The Master Planner (Amazing Spider-Man#31-33) Reprinted in Marvel Tales#170-172

-Dark Phoenix Saga (Uncanny X-Men#129-137)

-Hobgoblin Saga (Amazing Spider-Man#238-239, 244-245, 249-251)

-The Dark Knight Returns (Batman: Dark Knight Returns#1-4)

-Sasuke Retrieval (Naruto vol. 21-27)

-Batman: Year One (Batman#404-407)

-Demon in a Bottle (Iron Man#120-128)

-The Night Gwen Stacy Died (Amazing Spider-Man#121-122)

-Death of Captain Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man#88-90)

-Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four#48-50)

-Green Goblin Reborn (Amazing Spider-Man#96-98)

-Batman: Death in the Family (Batman#426-429)

-Camelot 3000 (Camelot 3000#1-12)

-Ultimate Clone Saga (Ultimate Spider-Man#97-105)

-The Tomorrow People (Ultimate X-Men#1-6)

-Death of a Goblin (Ultimate Spider-Man#112-117)

-Batman: Hush (Batman#608-619)

-Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil

-World’s Most Wanted (Invincible Iron Man#8-19, current volume)

-Invincible War and Conquest (Invincible#60-65)

That’s all I can think of right now. Well… what’s your favorite comic book stories guys?

Comicbookdude89’s Question#2: What’s your LEAST favorite comic book stories of all-time?

18 08 2009


Man I’m on a blogging spree today! Ok so my second question is: What is your LEAST favorite comic book stories? Stories that are so bad you want to scratch your eyes out? Well…here’s my top 5:

1. One More Day(ASM#544-545, Sensational Spider-Man#44, Friendly Nieghborhood Spider-Man#24)

2. Ultimatum    (Ultimatum#1-5)

3. Think Tank     (Ultimate Fantastic Four#19-20)

4. Clone Saga(the 90s one)            (can’t remember what issues…)

5. The Ultimates 3

I’ve had the fortune and wisdom not to read Battle for the Cowl and Loeb’s Hulk and from what I’ve heard and seen from them is that they could easily make this list. I may edit this further if more bad stories come to mind. Let me know what stories you guys think is a waste of paper, time and money. I look forward to your comments!

Top 300 selling comics of July 2009

18 08 2009

Here is the top 10:

1.Captain America:Reborn#1

2.Blackest Night#1

3.Batman and Robin#2

4.Amazing Spider-Man#600

5.Green Lantern#43

6.Green Lantern#44

7.Dark Avengers#7

8.Incredible Hulk#600

9.Captain America#601


Not suprisingly Captain America: Reborn#1 took the #1 spot in sales for July 2009. #s 1-7,and 9 were good the rest was crap. I’m glad Fraction’s Dark Avengers is selling like Bendis’ DA, hopefully it will sell better this month. New Avengers was knocked out of the Top 10 into place #11, which was probably because of Reborn and Blackest Night#1. It’ll interesting to see how all these new event mini-series will further change the sales. I personally wished to see Blackest Night ahead of Reborn ’cause I really liked Blackest Night. Oh well. Leave a comment! I look forward to seeing what you guys think! Oh I just realized that Detective Comics#855 was bumped down to #23 :(. This was probably due to all the #600’s and #1’s. That sucks…Detective should be selling like Hulk#600 and Ultimatum#5 were because Detective#855 was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better.

My rant and rave(?) on Jeph Loeb

17 08 2009

I’m going to begin this post with a story that happened yesterday. I went to Half-Price Books searching for a copy of The Killing Joke, I didn’t want to spend top dollar for it at Barnes and Nobles. After going to a few Half-Price Books I couldn’t find it. Then I found Batman#608-619 for $12 and my heart stopped because I have seen Batman#608 sell for $8. I knew it was written by Jeph Loeb, and I had read Spider-Man:Blue and enjoyed it, so I knew his older stuff was good. I had also heard his Batman stuff was good so with a flip of a coin, heads I’d get it or tails I wouldn’t, I got heads so I ended up buying them. If you’ve read my Ultimatum#5 review you’ll know that I dislike Loeb’s current work. When I got home I opened up the bages the issues came in and… I read Batman#608 and thought, “Wow! This better than all the issues of Ultimatum combined!” To be continued…

…in the next paragraph! Anyway I kept reading the issues of Batman non-stop! I couldn’t stop reading it! It was so good! My eyes were hurting it was so good! I read all 12 issues almost straight through! It’s amazing and sad that someone can go from writing awesome stories like Spider-Man: Blue and Batman:Hush to writing trash like Hulk and Ultimatum. Hopefully Loeb can straighten the crap writing and turn in something decent for once.

Character of the week#4:Pepper Potts

12 08 2009

Jeez this is late…anyway the character of the week(last week) is Pepper Potts. Why? Well she saves Tony Stark’s butt from Madame Masque. I find it so cool how a woman character saves the day because you don’t see much of that nowadays in comics. This is another perfect example of a woman comic book character being almost perfectly written. Has anyone noticed that 3 of 4 characters of the week are woman characters? I find that pretty cool!

Matt Fraction talks about after World’s Most Wanted

9 08 2009

Invincible Iron Man is another series that I have been enjoying immensly. At this point I can’t even guess what’s going to happen in the next few issues…and I can’t wait to find out! So click on the link above and enjoy! I’ll post my review of IIM#16  soon.