My experiences at Fallcon 09

11 10 2009

Whattup guys and gals? Yesterday I went to the Fallcon and here are my experiences in a nutshell:

-Met Gerry Conway and Doug Mahnke. Pictures of autograped books will be up soon.

-Bought Camelot 3000#1-7, 9-12 for .50 cents each and #8 for $1.

-Laughed when my friend bumped into a Clone Trooper.

-Finished my collection of Final Crisis and Infinite Crisis (the main mini-series)

-Got a Flash: Rebirth, Batman and Robin, and a Blackest Night poster. I’m putting them up as we… uh, type.

-Talked to a vendor about variant covers. We both agreed that variants are a waste of money, time, and space.

-My name was drawn for a free prize so I got a free variant cover of Dark Reign: The List- X-men. Hey, c’mon… it was free.

-Bought a whole bunch of stuff. The pile is enormous. Thank God I have two days of school this week! ūüėõ

-Bought Hulk#13 for a dollar. It was barely worth it. I read the cartoon in the back as well and I now have¬† new favorite quote, “Green Hulk want dog.”

-A guy commented on me buying a few issues of Agents of Atlas. I couldn’t hear/remember what he said, but he had a look of shock/disbelief on his face.

-Saw a grown man buy issues of Loeb’s Hulk. He did have his son right next to him. Maybe he was buying them for him???

-Got a free copy of Batman and Robin#1 and Detective Comics#854. So did my friend. So did my dad. So did everybody else that came to the convention.

-Saw Freddie Kruger and Princess Leia talking to each other. On a date maybe?

-Saw a lot of kids there. That always makes me happy.

-The building where the convention was held was toasty warm, while it was freezing cold outside (it had snowed the night before).

-Went to a Half-Price Books afterwards and bought Batman#429 (Part 4 of Batman: Death in the Family) for a dollar and the trade paperback of Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl for $3.

-I’m running out of things to say… ūüė¶

Well I gotta get back to reading comic books and… homework… pictures of books I got autographed will be up in a day or two. If I think of other things that happened I will not hesitate to update this post!

Stay cool and take care everybody!


Amazing Spider-Man#608 REVIEW (Am I going to stay with this series or not?)

9 10 2009

Amazing Spider-Man#608

Written by: Marc Guggenheim

Art by: Marco Checchetto, Luke Ross, and Rick Magyar

Price: $2.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

(Sweet) Cover by: Adi Granov

So in this issue we have- woah woah woah! Hold the phone! This issue doesn’t focus at all on Peter Parker’s love life!?! Am I reading the same book??? Special thank you to Marc Guggenheim: Thanx for not focusing on PP’s love life. It was getting really old. Like¬†that one and a¬†half year old cracker that I ate a couple¬†weeks ago. If anyone knows Marc show this to him. Thanks. Anyway, after the last issue and disliking it because of the first three pages I decided I was going to let this issue be the deciding issue on whether or not I would keep reading this series for a while. I’ll tell you my answer at the end of the post… even though you’ll probably figure out my answer halfway through…

I was really worried when I heard Marc Guggenheim was going to be writing this because I’ve liked some of his ASM stuff and I’ve disliked some of his ASM stuff. I was even more worried when I found out that the story was going to be focused on one of the most hated comic book stories ever. The Clone Saga from the 90s. But… Guggenheim pulls it off… just barely. The issue is entertaining most of the time and boring some of the time. I didn’t care for the Ben Reilly and Doctor Ryder talk scenes. It nearly put me to sleep. I really thought it was cool when Nora asks PP if he knows who the guy, who is calling him Ben Reilly, is. Then PP explains the truth basically revealing that his is everyone’s favorite web-head. I was like, “WHAT THE F???” But then it reveals that was a scenario going through PP’s mind and it never actually happened. This should come as a surprise to no one who read the Amazing Spider-Man sketchbook, that came out a couple weeks ago, that Kaine is back. Overall the story is good, but nothing perfect.

The art is really good. Checchetto gives PP a funky hair-style that is… kinda weird. I had high expectations for the art team and as I guessed Checchetto and Luke Ross didn’t disappoint. So my answer to am I still going to stay with this series is… (un-needed drumroll)… yes. But just barely. I hope that this series gets better. I have a feeling it will. I mean c’mon! Mark Waid is writing The Gauntlet storyline!!! How can it be bad??? We’ll see…

Rating: B-

Back Issue Review: Identity Crisis

5 10 2009

So a couple weeks ago I was in the mood for a DC story. So I ended up buying the trade paperback of Identity Crisis which is:

Written by: Brad Meltzer

Drawn by: Rags Morales w/ inks by Mike Bair

Because of other stuff I had to do I was only reading about 1-3 pages of this a day for about 3 days. I finally started reading it on my school bus and after reading the first chapter I was hooked and finished the rest of it in about 2-3 hours. This story is very depressing throughout the whole story. Why? Well at the very beginning Sue Dibny (the wife of Elongated Man) is killed. Also Ronnie Raymond and Jack Drake die a little after halfway. Captain Boomerang also gets killed, but that wasn’t sad at all. Sue Dibny and Ronnie are some of my favorite characters so seeing them die was dis-heartning. It still made me cry a little even though I knew they died in the story before I read it. Jack Drake’s death took me by surprise though.

Although the story didn’t really feel like a crisis, but more like a bad few weeks in the life of the heroes of DC. Although it was really cool to get a more realistic story. It was cool to read a crisis event without an Earth-meshing, world conquering, space battle related story. The story had a heart pounding feel to it. Like in the story when Batman found out who was responsible for Sue Dibny’s death and then the story would switch to a different scene. The story did that a lot and it would get a little annoying sometimes. But it lives up to the hype of a thriller story. The story is good and well written.

The art was good also. The fight scene between the JSA and Deathstroke was pretty cool to see how it was drawn out. The scenes where The Atom would be walking through a rope or a carpet were pretty cool to see drawn out. The only problem I had with the art was how Morales drew eyes. It was kinda weird seeing the eyes sometimes instead of the white coloring that usually is drawn. Other than that the art was good and nice to see.

If you like a good mystery and thriller story I recommend this story for you. If your a DC fan and have never read this before you should read it. I am hoping to do a Back Issue Review of the following stories:

-Superman: Red Son

-Batman: The Killing Joke

-Crisis on Infinite Earths

-Daredevil: Born Again

-Man of Steel

-Captain America: Operation Rebirth

-JSA: The Nail

With the comic convention where I live coming up I’ll probably get a chance to get these stories and other stories that aren’t mentioned above.

This review is dedicated to the memory of my dog Prince. I’ll miss you buddy.

This weekend=Comic Convention!!!!!! (I’m soo excited!!!)

5 10 2009

Yup. This weekend on Oct. 10+11 is the comic convention where I live. Some noteworthy guest appearances are:

-Doug Mahnke

-Patrick Gleason

-Gerry Conway

-Michael T Gilbert

-Kevin Maguire

-Keith Champagne

-Gene Ha

-Phil Hester

-Dan Jurgens

-Steve Kurth

-Tom Nguyen

Some pretty good names are appearing. Obviously I won’t be getting all of these guys’ signatures but I will get a few. So expect some pics of some signed comic books. I’m gonna buy sooooo much stuff. Thank God I have 3 days of school off next week! ūüôā I should bring a camera…

Green Lantern#46 REVIEW (Sinestro vs. Mongul!!! Aw yeah!)

1 10 2009

Green Lantern#46

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Doug Mahnke w/ inks by Christian Alamy, Tom Nguyen, and Mahnke himself

Price: $2.99

Publisher: DC Comics

The DCU event Blackest Night continues in GL#46. I wasn’t planning on buying this issue, but when I heard that Sinestro and Mongul would battle it out in this issue it was immeadiately on my list to buy. If you haven’t been reading Blackest Night¬†recently or at all¬†you’re kinda screwed because you will be almost completely lost. This issue picks up right were Blackest Night#3 ended. Green Lantern is teleported to Zamaron (which makes sense because it is his book)¬†by Indigo-1, whom he met last issue. The next few pages of the book consists of Green Lantern, Sinestro, and Star Sapphire battling some Black Lanterns. The dynamic between these three characters is pretty cool to read. If you thought enough people had been risen and that the raising of the dead was over, boy are you wrong. Then the Guardian of the Black Lanterns (who I’m assuming is Scar) smiles a creepy smile similar to a smile that a rapist or a stalker might have.

Then Indigo-1 teleports GL, Sinestro, and Star Sapphire to Mongul. Finally! I was getting irritated that Hal (Green Lantern for those who don’t know. Why wouldn’t¬†you know???) and Star Sapphire were helping Sinestro because this battle, Sinestro vs. Mongul has been brewing for a while, but then Sinestro tells them to back off, so I felt relieved. Unfortunately the battle isn’t very long but it’s still pretty cool to see. Sinestro is nearly killed by Mongul, but he then turns the tables and kicks some alien butt. We get to see an awesome splash page of Sinestro creating spear-like things and uses them to stab Mongul. After that I was yelling at Sinestro (not literally) to kill Sinestro, but Sinestro doesn’t and says he will kill Mongul after the whole dead-raising thing was over. Painfully I knew he was right. Although I think Mongul will probably escape and not be killed. Much to my dismay.

Now I shall shift gears to the art. Mahnke has yet again proved that he is one of the comic book¬†best artists out there. His art is¬†stunning¬†all the time. His coolest stuff is the grim, dark scenes or big battles and gruesomeness (don’t believe me? Check out Green Lantern#43). As you can see this is a very interacting book for the reader (or at least it was for me). So as long as Johns and Mahnke remain on this book I will still be buying it.

Rating: B+

Think its gonna be a positive week? Do ya? Heh. Well I’m gonna shift gears from Green Lantern to Spider-Man!!!

Reasons to Love Comic Books: Strong Protrayal of Female Characters

24 09 2009

Heh heh… I love that picture. For those of you who have been following this blog since the very beginning or know me personally really well will know that I hate it when women comic book characters are treated inferior by men comic book characters. I know I keep talking about this but it really is a topic that must be made more aware of in the comic book community and as much as I love Brian Michael Bendis’ work he has recently been letting me down because of his unfair portrayal of women characters. I’m not saying this problem should be completly erased in comics, although¬†that would be nice, but it needs to happen way less often. This problem wasn’t brought to my attention until I watched an episode of Comic Culture Warrior on Youtube. They complained about how Bendis and other comic book writers as well were not respecting women as well as they should be. They brought up New Avengers#35. The issue were Tigra is beaten/raped by the Hood, while being filmed live to a secret lair of guy super villains. I immeadiatly grabbed my copy of New Avengers#35 and re-read that part and thought, “Oh. My. God. I have been completely blind to this whole problem”. So I continued to re-read some of Bendis’ stuff and it was horrifying to see what he was doing.¬†Again I really have a lot of respect for Bendis (not so much after what he said about Wonder Woman) and he is one of my many inspirations (I want to be a comic book writer when I grow up).

Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of writers out there who write female comic book characters really well. For example:

-Matt Fraction when he writes Emma Frost, Pepper Potts, and Maria Hill. Heck, even Black Widow.

-Greg Rucka when he writes ANY female character.

-Chris Claremont also writes female characters as well

-Gail Simone when she writes Wonder Woman

There are many others that I’m forgetting, but still these three writers are amazing. Don’t get me wrong I like guy comic book characters as well. I like female and male characters equally. I still don’t understand why some of¬†the Top-Selling books are the books that commonly cruel towards women characters. What if a girl tried reading a comic book for the first time in her life and then sees the Sentry ripping Morganna Le Fay’s head off? I would love to see more girls reading comic books (I’d be thrilled), but because of the junk that some writers do that may not happen. If you guys have no respect for Wonder Woman or Batwoman do yourself a favor and buy Gail Simone’s run on Wonder Woman and Greg Rucka’s current run on Detective Comics and his run on Wonder Woman he did a while back.

Again this is just my opinion and others as well. If you disagree with me I will respect that. Thanks for bearing with me and listening to me with an open mind (hopefully).

Amazing Spider-Man#606 REVIEW

24 09 2009

I’m gonna do this review before I completly forget. So here we go:

Amazing Spider-Man#606

Writer: Joe Kelly

Artist: Mike McKone w/ inks by Andy Lanning

Price: $2.99

Publisher: Marvel Comics

*EDIT*: I just spilled some diet coke on my copy of this issue. It’s not too much damage but still… ūüė¶

Finally we have a decent issue of ASM since #601. I thought Van Lente’s run was ok. I think it was because I expected a lot from him. Just a quick thought here: #605 was totally pointless. Ok that was my one sentence review of ASM#605. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ok so moving on… by the way that is a really nice cover (see above) by J. Scott Campbell. Anyway I really enjoyed the American Son story arc (which was also written by Joe Kelly for those who don’t know) so I expected great things from his return (kinda) on the book. Did he disappoint? Nope. He gave me exactly what I expected. Now I’ve read some of his stuff outside ASM (i.e. Deadpool, JSA) and the guy is pretty funny. He has a near perfect comidic timing. There were a lot of jokes thrown around and I know I’ve critisized Guggenheim for doing that, but Kelly’s jokes work and don’t fall flat on their face like Guggenheim’s jokes do most of the time. Kelly also understands the character of Spider-Man as well and he takes that and meshes it with the joking side of Spidey and its a pretty nice balance. He also handles the character of Black Cat really well too. He portrays her as she has always been: An outrageous flirt. Although its kinda weird how she suddenly has the hots for Spidey again after rejecting him waaaaaaaaaay back in the 80s, so I’m kind of wondering why that is. Maybe it was explained and I’m just forgeting.

I can’t give this book all its praise without bringing up Mike McKone. His art has been shining in every issue of ASM he’s drawn. He draws a pretty darn good-looking Black Cat (hey I’m a guy. I can’t help it!) His Spider-Man drawings are top notch and he is definetly one of the best Spidey artists out there right now. Andy Lanning’s inks also helped me enjoy the artwork as well.

I have been loving ASM (for the most part). I just wish that the only writers on the book right now were: Dan Slott, Mark Waid, and Joe Kelly. All three of them have been rocking this book. Marc Guggenheim and Fred Van Lente are ok in my opinion. Bob Gale and Zeb Wells? Don’t even get me started on them. Especially on Bob Gale. I’m going to talk about the last page so *SPOILER ALERT!!!* So Spidey and Black Cat start kissing on a rooftop and this one guy in a nearby house decides to film it and broadcast it live. And guess who sees the live footage? Mary Jane Watson (who somehow remembers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man). Peter Parker my man… you are S-C-R-E-W-E-D. When I saw that last page I thought: Holy $%#&^!!! I can hardly wait for the next issue!!!!

Rating: B+

Up next- Reviews of: Detective Comics#857, Fantastic Four#571, and Invincible#66! Followed by some other random posts. DC#857 and FF#571 sold out at my comic book store so it may be a little while till I get them, but I will definetly review them soon. So stay tuned! Same bat-blog, same bat-awesomeness!