Comic Book Weirdness of the Week

31 10 2009

eatinghamburgers running out of plots maybe

Well here we have a… funny cover. I guess the writer was having trouble coming up with new stories and plotlines, eh? I am going to have to keep a eye out for this issue. Guess Superman was one hungry guy… oh jeez I just realized the hundreds of ladies with trays of burgers… Superman wasn’t joking was he… wow… I really want this issue now! 🙂


Blackest Night#4 REVIEW (More people die in Blackest Night??? noooooo…)

31 10 2009


Blackest Night#4

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Ivan Reis w/ inks by Oclair Albert and Joe Prado

Price: $3.99

Publisher: DC Comics

Were only half way through this mini-series and I’m already asking myself, “How can this get any worse?”. knowing full well that it will get worse. I. Love. This. Mini-series. Geoff Johns really knows how to torture not only the characters in his stories, but his fans as well. This story is way deeper than the average zombie story. The Black Lanterns use their words more than their fists and are verbally beating the crap out of the heroes (and villains). What I specifically loved about this issue was how The Flash, Mera, and The Atom were working their butts off to save everyone. They were doing what not many heroes are doing in comic books nowadays. They were acting like true superheroes and I’m glad there is still someone who still understands what a hero is. Thank you Geoff Johns! You have restored some faith in me that I have lost.

Another thing I appreciate about this book is how fast paced it is. There is almost no slowing down for this story. We’re only halfway through and the power levels for the Black Lanterns has already reached 100%. It can only go downhill from here… As awesome as this story is right now it is also an extremely tough read for me. A lot of my favorite DC heroes are dead and are now black lanterns (i.e. Ronnie Raymond, Sue Dibny, Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter, etc.) so seeing them as zombies is kind of hurting right now and only increases my wanting for them to return to the living. The toughest part of this issue was seeing the black lantern version of Jean Loring ripping Damage’s heart out… right in front of her husband, Atom and oh man is Flash screwed right now…

It would be remiss of me not to mention Ivan Reis’ artwork. For what he does he does very well. All of the gore scenes are illustrated very well and add to the shock of it. I literally stared at the page of Damage’s death for about 10 seconds in shock and awe. Overall the art is very nicely done and blends in nicely with Johns’ style of writing for this story.  So, yeah I really am having a blast reading this story and its always top on my buy-list when it comes out. The wait for the next issue is painful I tell ya!!! So hopefully the story doesn’t lose its awesomeness.

Happy Halloween everyone! 

Rating: B+

Comic Book Weirdness of the Week

24 10 2009


Ummm… I may never go to McDonalds ever again after seeing this picture… Does anyone know what comic book this is from and what issue it is? I’d like to find it. Thanks.

Reasons to Love Comic Books: Awesome Stories

23 10 2009

One thing that I love about comic books is the awesome stories that can be told. As an aspiring comic book writer I always am excited when I come across an awesome story. I have read mostly Marvel my whole life so that is why there are so many Marvel stories on the list. These are some of my favorite comic book stories (in no particular order except for the first five):

-The Master Planner (Amazing Spider-Man#31-33) Reprinted in Marvel Tales#170-172

-Dark Phoenix Saga (Uncanny X-Men#129-137)

-Hobgoblin Saga (Amazing Spider-Man#238-239, 244-245, 249-251)

-The Dark Knight Returns (Batman: Dark Knight Returns#1-4)

-Sasuke Retrieval (Naruto vol. 21-27)

-Batman: Year One (Batman#404-407)

-Demon in a Bottle (Iron Man#120-128)

-The Night Gwen Stacy Died (Amazing Spider-Man#121-122)

-Death of Captain Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man#88-90)

-Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four#48-50)

-Green Goblin Reborn (Amazing Spider-Man#96-98)

-Batman: Death in the Family (Batman#426-429)

-Camelot 3000 (Camelot 3000#1-12)

-Ultimate Clone Saga (Ultimate Spider-Man#97-105)

-The Tomorrow People (Ultimate X-Men#1-6)

-Death of a Goblin (Ultimate Spider-Man#112-117)

-Batman: Hush (Batman#608-619)

-Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil

-World’s Most Wanted (Invincible Iron Man#8-19, current volume)

-Invincible War and Conquest (Invincible#60-65)

That’s all I can think of right now. Well… what’s your favorite comic book stories guys?

Back Issue Review: Identity Crisis

5 10 2009

So a couple weeks ago I was in the mood for a DC story. So I ended up buying the trade paperback of Identity Crisis which is:

Written by: Brad Meltzer

Drawn by: Rags Morales w/ inks by Mike Bair

Because of other stuff I had to do I was only reading about 1-3 pages of this a day for about 3 days. I finally started reading it on my school bus and after reading the first chapter I was hooked and finished the rest of it in about 2-3 hours. This story is very depressing throughout the whole story. Why? Well at the very beginning Sue Dibny (the wife of Elongated Man) is killed. Also Ronnie Raymond and Jack Drake die a little after halfway. Captain Boomerang also gets killed, but that wasn’t sad at all. Sue Dibny and Ronnie are some of my favorite characters so seeing them die was dis-heartning. It still made me cry a little even though I knew they died in the story before I read it. Jack Drake’s death took me by surprise though.

Although the story didn’t really feel like a crisis, but more like a bad few weeks in the life of the heroes of DC. Although it was really cool to get a more realistic story. It was cool to read a crisis event without an Earth-meshing, world conquering, space battle related story. The story had a heart pounding feel to it. Like in the story when Batman found out who was responsible for Sue Dibny’s death and then the story would switch to a different scene. The story did that a lot and it would get a little annoying sometimes. But it lives up to the hype of a thriller story. The story is good and well written.

The art was good also. The fight scene between the JSA and Deathstroke was pretty cool to see how it was drawn out. The scenes where The Atom would be walking through a rope or a carpet were pretty cool to see drawn out. The only problem I had with the art was how Morales drew eyes. It was kinda weird seeing the eyes sometimes instead of the white coloring that usually is drawn. Other than that the art was good and nice to see.

If you like a good mystery and thriller story I recommend this story for you. If your a DC fan and have never read this before you should read it. I am hoping to do a Back Issue Review of the following stories:

-Superman: Red Son

-Batman: The Killing Joke

-Crisis on Infinite Earths

-Daredevil: Born Again

-Man of Steel

-Captain America: Operation Rebirth

-JSA: The Nail

With the comic convention where I live coming up I’ll probably get a chance to get these stories and other stories that aren’t mentioned above.

This review is dedicated to the memory of my dog Prince. I’ll miss you buddy.

Green Lantern#46 REVIEW (Sinestro vs. Mongul!!! Aw yeah!)

1 10 2009

Green Lantern#46

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Doug Mahnke w/ inks by Christian Alamy, Tom Nguyen, and Mahnke himself

Price: $2.99

Publisher: DC Comics

The DCU event Blackest Night continues in GL#46. I wasn’t planning on buying this issue, but when I heard that Sinestro and Mongul would battle it out in this issue it was immeadiately on my list to buy. If you haven’t been reading Blackest Night recently or at all you’re kinda screwed because you will be almost completely lost. This issue picks up right were Blackest Night#3 ended. Green Lantern is teleported to Zamaron (which makes sense because it is his book) by Indigo-1, whom he met last issue. The next few pages of the book consists of Green Lantern, Sinestro, and Star Sapphire battling some Black Lanterns. The dynamic between these three characters is pretty cool to read. If you thought enough people had been risen and that the raising of the dead was over, boy are you wrong. Then the Guardian of the Black Lanterns (who I’m assuming is Scar) smiles a creepy smile similar to a smile that a rapist or a stalker might have.

Then Indigo-1 teleports GL, Sinestro, and Star Sapphire to Mongul. Finally! I was getting irritated that Hal (Green Lantern for those who don’t know. Why wouldn’t you know???) and Star Sapphire were helping Sinestro because this battle, Sinestro vs. Mongul has been brewing for a while, but then Sinestro tells them to back off, so I felt relieved. Unfortunately the battle isn’t very long but it’s still pretty cool to see. Sinestro is nearly killed by Mongul, but he then turns the tables and kicks some alien butt. We get to see an awesome splash page of Sinestro creating spear-like things and uses them to stab Mongul. After that I was yelling at Sinestro (not literally) to kill Sinestro, but Sinestro doesn’t and says he will kill Mongul after the whole dead-raising thing was over. Painfully I knew he was right. Although I think Mongul will probably escape and not be killed. Much to my dismay.

Now I shall shift gears to the art. Mahnke has yet again proved that he is one of the comic book best artists out there. His art is stunning all the time. His coolest stuff is the grim, dark scenes or big battles and gruesomeness (don’t believe me? Check out Green Lantern#43). As you can see this is a very interacting book for the reader (or at least it was for me). So as long as Johns and Mahnke remain on this book I will still be buying it.

Rating: B+

Think its gonna be a positive week? Do ya? Heh. Well I’m gonna shift gears from Green Lantern to Spider-Man!!!

My thoughts on Battle for the Cowl

14 09 2009

I know this story has been out for a while, but I went against my promise never to buy this story until I found all three issues in some bargain bins, so I bought them. So without further ado here is my thoughts about Battle for the Cowl:

-It wasn’t very good.

-It totally ruined my love of Jason Todd. Yes the Jason Todd I cried over because he died Batman: Death in the Family. I was so upset I kinda caused a minor disturbance at a Perkins my family was eating at (Keep in mind that I was young when I read Death in the Family)

-A lot of villains blew stuff up and/or killed people for little to no explanation.

-At first Nightwing is like, “I don’t wanna be Batman!” and then at the end he randomly wants to be Batman and becomes Batman for no explored reason (Thank God Judd Winich is exploring the why part right now).

-Um… only 33 people died during that story? So you’re telling me that about half of Gotham City was blown to pieces and only 33 people died. Plus a lot of people got shot as well…

-I like how you have Nightwing, Tim Drake, Manhunter, Batwoman, Huntress, Black Canary, Damian, Squire, and apparently Nite Owl (from Watchmen) is in Gotham because there is a guy who is drawn like him in issue#3, and they can’t control Gotham. But if Batman was alive and only he was taking control of the situation everthing would be just find. Plus wouldn’t other heroes from the DCU be able to help out??? They can’t be that busy fighting all of the crises that are Final and Infinite.

-I couldn’t tell what the heck was going on half the time.

-Tony Daniels art didn’t help with the above statement.

-In fact Daniel’s art was reeeeally inconsistant. I liked his close-up face shots, body shots and his Batman drawings but the rest of it was all bleh.

-Catwoman also randomly appears a couple times as well. I think Tony Daniel has a crush on her…

-Jane Doe carves someone’s face off… eew…

-Um… is anyone still reading this?

-Nightwing says that Bruce Wayne misunderstood the phychological effect Batman had on Gotham City. *sigh* Note to Tony Daniel: BATMAN IS THE PHYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT ON GOTHAM CITY! CONGRATS ON THROWING ALMOST 70 YEARS OF CONTINUITY OUT THE WINDOW! GREAT JOB! Ok I’m calm now…. maybe…

-Final thought: Battle for the Cowl does not instill any excitment in me for Tony Daniel’s 6-issue run on Batman.

Ok that’s my thoughts on Battle for the Cowl. I hope you enjoyed it.

Next Up: My thoughts on Hulk Red, Character of the Week, Story of the Week, and… other stuff that comes to my mind. Stay tuned or die! I’m kidding about the dying part. I’m nicer than that.